Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility Testing Service is one of the steps taken by the organization to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to information and communication. Web must be accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities and special needs, enabling them to be part of newer Internet-based products and services.

Appquarterz Testings

Accessibility Testing Services

Appquarterz acknowledges that accessibility is becoming increasingly important today and in the future. However, the problem with technology today is that not every person in this world can interact with it the same way as the average person. Therefore, it is essential to understand that accessibility technology makes it possible for everyone to enjoy equal opportunities and be on the same page, whether they have vision or hearing impairments or learning disabilities. In software testing, accessibility testing services ensure that the interface is accessible to all. As a team of accessibility testing software experts, our team will ensure that the technology platforms will function in a manner that meets the needs of all our users’ demographics. 

Testing tools of Accessibility

Manual web accessibility testing

Our goal is to evaluate the software comprehensively and ensure it complies with the W3C standards. In addition, manually testing all scenarios ensures that they adhere to the success criteria of WCAG 2.0 and 2.1.

Automated web accessibility testing

Our automated accessibility testing services combine industry-leading automation testing tools. Moreover, we provide our clients with detailed custom reports that help them make informed decisions about their business.

Mobile accessibility testing

A range of conformance evaluations is available for mobile applications to ensure they meet global accessibility standards. In addition, we utilize industry-leading accessibility testing tools to deliver comprehensive accessibility testing on mobile devices.

Ensure that all your customers are happy and satisfied

Good customer experience
Ensure that all users, including those with special needs, can utilize your app and website. To maximize your expenditure, we provide quality regardless of whether your product is used on a device or platform.

Ensure cross-platform accessibility
We provide seamless integration across platforms devices, and operating systems so you can reach everyone.

Prevent legal penalties
We provide robust and reliable accessibility solutions to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and fines.




Appquarterz Expertise

Get Turnkey solutions of Accessibility Testing services

Testing & recommendations for accessibility

We analyze your products - websites, mobile apps, documentation - recommend solutions and perform remediations. As a result, we ensure WCAG 2.1 compliance, ADA compliance, and 508 compliances while improving the user experience significantly.

Paired testing approach

We have an integrated team of sighted and non-sighted accessibility engineers who test all aspects of the experience to ensure a real-life experience meets our customers' expectations.

Methods and tools for accessibility testing

our accessibility testing approach uses a shift-left system. In addition, our accessibility testing experts are proficient in handling excellent accessibility testing tools.

Hybrid testing for end-to-end applications

In addition to using automated and manual functional testing, our dedicated team of experts also performs detailed monitoring throughout the development and deployment phases.

Standardized test scripts

We customize our test scripts to meet your compliance requirements and ensure that they are designed to cover the parameters outlined in the guidelines and people with genuine accessibility needs.

Build-specific reports

In addition to providing comprehensive reports defining areas in compliance and non-compliance, we provide remediation assistance in prioritizing the most critical issues faced by our clients.

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Expert solution of Accessibility Testing service


Assess the impact of remediation, fixing individual component or element issues, and aligning them with the development and release cycle.

Prioritize and Strategize

Decide which pages, components, and business-critical workflows need to be prioritized. Provide an overview of the overall strategy for evaluating and remediating the problem.

Accessibility Evaluation

We have automated tests for a global & quick check and manual verification of components & workflows at the end of the process. Analyze the results and report the findings in a report.

Increased User Base

Mobile applications reduce marketing time when businesses are redirected. However, to avoid major downtime costs in the future, accessibility must be tested during development.

Increased automation

Automating an application is also made easier with accessibility testing services. This is because, during the test automation, the application is also suitable for accessibility.

Enhanced performance

Testing accessibility is primarily intended to make it easier for disabled people. However, the overall outcome of accessibility testing benefits the entire user base.

Higher standard of quality

Testing accessibility enhances the quality of the application. Those with hearing disabilities can use it to translate sounds and music into descriptions.