Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Appquarterz compatibility testing services ensure that your applications run smoothly across multiple devices and browsers. You can develop a methodology that plays an important role in determining the success of your products in the long run.

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Compatibility Testing Services 

Our Compatibility Test services cover a wide range of Operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, display resolutions, etc. Our compatibility lab covers a wide range of operating systems, platforms, peripherals, and hardware to ensure that your product functions properly. In addition, we can quickly obtain peripheral hardware devices and server configurations through our affiliated hardware and software vendor partners.

Our compatibility services can help you develop a configuration matrix and methodology for identifying the optimum number of combinations for educational software, online applications, websites, network software, or utilities. Depending on your product’s complexity and the number of platforms you need to test, projects can be completed within a week or longer.

  • Challenges in Compatibility Testing

    It is inexplicable that compatibility testing has become incredibly complex on the web, mobile, and Internet of Things. QA teams are challenged by numerous platforms, operating systems, network connections, devices, and sensors:

    • Speed

    The QA and testing teams must increase their productivity and efficiency.

    • Test Coverage

    QA and pre-production testing cannot anticipate all potential performance issues.

    • Complexity

    Testing and QA must account for all hardware, software, and other compute environment variables.

Professional compatibility testing services

Appquarterz offers comprehensive compatibility testing services and infrastructure specifically designed for digital businesses. It is important to note that our services cover the full lifecycle of your applications – from planning and design through deployment and monitoring. To ensure quality and improved user service levels, Appquarterz can test your digital product or service for the right set of combinations. With a fully equipped compatibility test lab featuring the latest hardware, operating systems, platforms, and real devices, we account for all relevant variables in your computing environment.

Appquarterz Expertise

Type of Testing Service

Software compatibility testing

A comprehensive software compatibility testing service carried out across various environments is designed to develop a methodology that can be used to identify and correct problems in software.

Database compatibility testing

Analyze and test different database layers, including data access, business interface, and the database, and perform data verification and other testing tasks.

Web server compatibility testing

Testing the URLs of the private servers or the locally hosted web applications and websites for browser compatibility to test the server-side interface of the site.

Mobile device platform compatibility testing

Verify the application's functionality across various browsers, mobile devices, and platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Operating system compatibility testing

A range of hardware configurations, such as Macs and PC, should be tested for hardware compatibility issues.

Hardware & network compatibility testing

The test will identify whether the intended hardware and networks can successfully handle the required processing.

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Extensive knowledge of compatibility testing

We at Appquarterz have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in compatibility testing. We engage our clients in every step and value their suggestions, and our experts offer insights that make the product a favourite. Our main focus is:

Business advantages of Compatibility Testing

Increase in user satisfaction

A properly tested app runs smoothly across different operating systems and devices.

Improved operational efficiency

By proactively detecting bugs and defects, time-consuming compliance activities are eliminated.

Increased revenue and profitability

Higher level of customer satisfaction results in greater loyalty, sales, retention, and profitability for a business.

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