Performance Testing

Performance Testing

The load time and your app’s performance are crucial parts of the success of your product. Our expert’s test application performance at high loads, measure, validate, and verify operational capabilities to guarantee flawless customer service.

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Performance Testing Services

There is no doubt that the reliability and consistency of the performance of your business-critical applications is the key to the success of your business. Although performance issues within an application are often identified in live scenarios, this can cause considerable damage to your brand’s reputation. Therefore, the purpose of formal web performance testing of applications is to ensure that the application’s performance at peak performance and scalability levels is as assured as possible.

Appquarterz can help you predict the performance and behaviour of your application in a simulated, real-life environment, thus saving you from unpleasant incidents later on that frustrate your customers and impact your profitability. Our responsibility is to ensure the application is responsive and reliable to handle peak load days like a Black Friday sale. It can also scale up to other future events like product releases, acquisitions, new clients, regulatory

changes, and ongoing business growth in the future. It is also crucial that the applications are capable of meeting any contractual obligations and service-level agreements.

API performance testing

During our testing, we send numerous network requests in bulk to see how your system behaves when multiple users attempt to reach a server. 

Web app performance testing

A web performance test allows you to see how a website would perform under real-life conditions. It is helpful to see if it can handle peak load hours in various regions based on location.

Mobile app performance testing

This type of testing aims to evaluate whether your app works on different types of devices, define the response time of its server, and see how well the app performs on networks that provide other loading times.

Performance Testing with our turnkey solutions

Our performance testing services cover the following aspects: defining the most important metrics, setting up benchmarks, planning and executing test scenarios, and final reporting with visualizations of the results and recommendations as to how to improve the performance. The most common metrics we measure are average load time, response time, error rate, requests per second, and others.

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Our Performance testing types

Load testing

We evaluate system behavior in response to a set of expected load variations, allowing us to identify the number of connections the system can handle while maintaining a certain response time.

Stress testing

We are determining the maximum operating capacity the system can handle an extreme load. It is then necessary to check whether the load will be sufficient if the current load exceeds the expected maximum load.

Scalability testing

Appquarterz measures the ability of a system to scale as its load increases as it has more load applied. By identifying the reasons behind system scaling, we help identify the point at which the system stops scaling.

Stability testing

We at Appquarterz, examines the stability of a system over a significant period. As a result, it helps evaluate the downtime risk and plan maintenance activities accordingly.

Peak load testing

We utilize our best-in-class load testing tools to ensure the sustained performance of your website and applications even when the average load volume is the highest.

High availability testing

Our testing strategies ensure that backup servers are functioning properly even at the end of a crash of the existing servers.

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