Our software testing services are focused on ensuring that products are delivered to market quickly.

As a leading provider of excellent software testing services, Appquarterz offers various services to meet your explicit and implicit requirements, ensuring seamless quality assurance processes and successful product results.

Our Services

Manual Testing

As a leading organization in software testing, our QA engineers provide high-quality manual testing services that reduce the chances of future code errors and illogical behaviour in applications. To detect bugs as soon as possible, we can assist developers in avoiding lengthy and expensive development delays, resulting in a more productive and thoughtful development process.

Automation Testing

Appquarterz uses top automation tools and testers with advanced testing infrastructure. We offer Automation Testing services, including planning, selecting tools, setting up the test environment, preparing test data, developing test scripts, and reporting results. Moreover, we offer a complete range of automated, low-cost testing services to help companies optimize testing efficiency.

Functional Testing

We at Appquarterz offer a full range of automated functional testing services designed to assist global enterprise companies in validating and verifying their applications as part of our testing services. Our team of functional software testers provides a range of services to ensure that applications comply with defined specifications and provide seamless and robust functionality.

Performance Testing

With Appquarterz, you can predict the performance and behaviour of your application in a simulated, real-life environment, therefore saving you the cost of unpleasant incidents later on that may frustrate your customers and have a detrimental impact on your profitability. It is our responsibility to ensure that the application is responsive and reliable to deal with high load days at peak times.

Usability Testing

At Appqarterz, our Usability experts will help you develop Usability test strategies based on your target users, key business scenarios, demographics, etc. A usability test evaluates the usability of a product or service by testing it with representative users. We work with our professional team to identify appropriate users, develop survey questionnaires, and assist target users with their completion.

Security testing

Security testing is one of the most useful tools for detecting and exploiting security vulnerabilities in a network or a network component. As a penetration testing company, Appquarterz assists in preventing possible breaches to your IT environment and ensuring that existing security controls are maintained and strengthened.

Customized Software Testing Solution

An experienced tester with more than a decade of experience in functional and non-functional testing

Infrastructure that meets the highest standards of excellence with the required amenities in terms of software, instruments, and devices

The flexibility and amicable nature of our offshoring strategies, together with our in-house accelerators, have enabled us to save both time and money.

Diverse Engagement Models

We understand that every company has unique testing needs, so we offer multiple engagement models from which you can select. So, whether you need help building your team or hiring testers on-site or off-site, we can help you achieve your goals.

Scalable QA Resourcing

The goal of every tester at Appquarterz is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our QA team can provide you with any resource you need, and they will work on our dedicated project on your behalf if required.

Experience with OnLarge Scale Testing

In terms of testing experience, our testing professionals have extensive experience across various industries. Aside from that, they are also familiar with automated tools as well as manual tools for testing.

Exceptional Software Testing Team

Better Quality Outcomes from Test Automation

Combining manual and automated testing with our expertise in automated frameworks will assist you in accelerating release cycles, increasing test coverage, and finding more bugs before they are released to production. It is also our strong suit to help you establish continuous testing practices and integrate testing activities into CI/CD pipelines as part of a DevOps approach. It is our goal to ensure that software meets all the requirements and exceeds user expectations through QA and software testing services.


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