Security Testing

Security Testing

Security testing services purpose is to identify and mitigate IT environment vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on mitigation. The end-to-end security testing performed by Appquarterz helps you detect hidden security vulnerabilities and improve your organisation’s cybersecurity posture.

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Need of Security Testing

As the cyber world becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks, businesses are increasingly concerned about the security of their data, the availability of their applications, and the security of their customer data. A security breach may have many repercussions, including losing customers’ trust and the possibility of legal repercussions. As a precaution against this, we recommend that your application be tested for security to avoid this situation. As one of the best security testing companies in this area, Appquarterz can ensure that your application is safeguarded from vulnerabilities and meets security requirements, such as authorization, confidentiality, availability, authentication, and integrity.


In managing and monitoring your security assessments, we provide an always-on, on-demand, and easy-to-use portal.


You will be guided through your testing results, and we will provide you with the best remediation plan suited to your needs.


We offer scalable testing options for resource-constrained organizations, which can be consumed on demand through subscription, on-site or by company members.

Our team of security experts’ bridges resource gaps

Finding and retaining qualified application security experts is a great deal of difficulty. There are often gaps in security testing programs because most teams are understaffed. Our goal at Appquarterz is to provide an affordable solution to your application security testing needs, so your team can make the most of the available in-house resources. Our team includes the following experts:

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Our Security Testing Services

Penetration Testing

This testing is an authorized process of testing software security to simulate a real-world attack. This analysis aims to determine whether there are any security system defects, as well as how much damage these attacks can cause.

Audit of cloud security

A cloud security audit is one of the services provided by Appquarterz, which examines a cloud environment to check for security breaches, compiles reports, and offers recommendations for possible improvements.

Social Engineering Test

The Social Engineering Test we offer is designed to train your employees, clients, and employees about the importance of working with personal information, identifying and reporting phishing emails, and being prepared to respond to any suspicious activity from the outside.

Review of secure code

In a secure code review, the source code is inspected thoroughly, and the flaws and weak spots in the code are identified. We intend to ensure maximum accuracy with automated and manual security testing solutions offered by Appquarterz.

Security Consulting

As a team of cyber security experts in Appquarterz, we can deal with any uncertainties you may have regarding the security of various domains, such as travel, healthcare, retail, and many others.

Compliance Management

In addition, our experts ensure that your organization is compliant with government compliance and security protocols. Furthermore, we provide advice on how to keep up with all regulations in addition to performing a full audit.

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Advantages of Security Testing

Improve Continuity of Your Business

If a system is less vulnerable or secure, it will be less likely to be attacked by hackers, thus enhancing the organization’s resiliency.

Protect Third Parties, Clients, and Partners

The protection of assets of clients, partners, and third parties is crucial for every business.

Evaluates Security Investments

It provides an opportunity to evaluate the current security posture and investments.

Protect Company Reputation

Defends against damage to the reputation built over many years by a single hacking incident.