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Having highly skilled engineers with an excellent technical understanding and a wide range of experience using the latest software standards makes us a perfect fit for your company. In addition, our accumulated expertise over the years allows us to provide clients with tailored solutions to meet their needs, expectations and budgets.

Synergistic Approach

We keep in touch with our customers through various channels and media that allow us to maintain performance, transparency, and accuracy at all times and across all time zones worldwide.

On Time Delivery

Our team is equipped with a rich collection of internal frameworks, an award-winning infrastructure, and over a decade of practical experience in the IT software development industry, all of which ensure the delivery of solutions safely and reliably.

Strong Expertise

Due to our expertise in the field of coding, our professional developers remain at the forefront of the latest and most successful technologies and popular applications. In this way, you can expect a higher level of ownership, commitment, and delivery in less time.

Client oriented

Our concept goes beyond our direct customers as a leading web & mobile applications and software testing company. We start by listening to your ideas and thinking from the point of view of your end users, identifying their pain areas, and formulating solutions to help you.

Exceptional Software Testing Team

Exceptional Software Testing Team

With its global presence as a full-fledged software testing company, Appquarterz has established an impressive team of software testers that are experts in a wide range of technologies. Our goal is to harness the power of the digital world and create solutions that boost business efficiency by leveraging power of the digital world. Appquarterz is a software testing company that focuses on providing End-to-End Customized Solutions to all our global customers and tackling the technology challenges facing businesses today.


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Providing the right solution for your business

It is our great pleasure to deliver the best-suited software testing solution depending on the custom needs of our clients, whether it is a small start-up in the ideation phase, a midscale business focused on growth, or a large enterprise actively optimizing processes in a variety of different industries.

Right Solution for Software

Our Services

Functional Testing

We at Appquarterz offer a full range of automated functional testing services designed to assist global enterprise companies in validating and verifying their applications as part of our testing services. Our team of functional software testers provides a range of services to ensure that applications comply with defined specifications and provide seamless and robust functionality.

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Automation Testing

Appquarterz uses top automation tools and testers with advanced testing infrastructure. We offer Automation Testing services, including planning, selecting tools, setting up the test environment, preparing test data, developing test scripts, and reporting results. Moreover, we offer a complete range of automated, low-cost testing services to help companies optimize testing efficiency.

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Performance Testing

With Appquarterz, you can predict the performance and behaviour of your application in a simulated, real-life environment, therefore saving you the cost of unpleasant incidents later on that may frustrate your customers and have a detrimental impact on your profitability. It is our responsibility to ensure that the application is responsive and reliable to deal with high load days at peak times.

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Load Testing

The purpose of a load testing service is basically to simulate various workloads utilizing testing engineers to test the software's functionality. In general, load testing is used to test the performance of web applications or applications with many users. A software product's functionality is designed to interact with a certain number of users simultaneously to verify its behaviour.

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Usability Testing

At Appqarterz, our Usability experts will help you develop Usability test strategies based on your target users, key business scenarios, demographics, etc. A usability test evaluates the usability of a product or service by testing it with representative users. We work with our professional team to identify appropriate users, develop survey questionnaires, and assist target users with their completion.

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Security Testing

Our security testing services are designed to identify and mitigate IT environment vulnerabilities and recommend mitigating them. With Appquarterz's end-to-end security testing, you will be able to detect hidden security vulnerabilities and improve your organisation's cybersecurity posture.

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We Have Powerful Quality Assurance Tools in Our Toolset

Using the latest tools and technologies, our programmers have expertise in all the technologies required to deliver comprehensive solutions to your business.

Few Creative Portfolio

Have a look at the portfolio we have created by working with different people while delivering great results.

What People are Saying About Us

"Appquarterz Technologies completed high-quality work, thanks to their attention to detail and efficient workflow. The vendor joined the internal team's calls and provided good input and feedback about their platform. In the end, they found no area of improvement for their service."
Randa Bennett
CEO, vHelp
"Appquarterz Technologies has helped us improve the quality of our software. They've also suggested optimizations for the software's UI/UX, which the client appreciates. Moreover, their flexible team can manage different tasks at any given time ."
Product Manager, Skalex
"Appquarterz team is really diligent & proactive in communication. The team supported us really well! They worked tirelessly even through the weekends when the timelines got pushed from our end. I loved working with the team, would definitely hire again!"
Akshay Katyal
Founder, Mindship

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